• Çiğdem Menteşoğlu Chatzoudas

Çiğdem Menteşoğlu Chatzoudas

Çigdem Mentesoglu artworks based on personal history that lies between fiction and reality. She investigates subjective interpretations of real world around me and transform them in to transcriptions of a human condition. Basically She is working in the means of paintings, drawings. In the same time I keep myself open for materials and different ways of presentations. Beside personal history, She is inspired by images, news, dreams, historical photos, etc. Place is inspiring me as well, as a notion of place is inspiring me, creating a scape is exciting. She likes to think in an installation way and creates work in to the place for the space. Her installations which combining with the painting and drawing. She likes traditional techniques; likes to do things with herself, by her hand.

Her work broadly explores the relationship between the individual and place in a narrative way. She use narration as a way to expression/transcription of psychological state of mind. She is working with various stories deriving from the diversity of thoughts from subjective influences.

She use notion of “place” as a being, as an experience of presence. Place also play a significant role in my work to interrogate personal history, the spaces we inhabit, physically and psychologically. Representations of landscape in my work frequently speak about notions of settlement, states of belonging and borders – both material and psychological.

Her creative process influences much from the notion of “place” as well. She is questioning in a broad meaning, how place create connotations in human mind. In the contrary, how we shape the place in our imagination. She believes that we reshape/reproduce the place in a way. Replace it, every moment, in different shapes according to our needs, including personal up and downs as well. In this way, essentially, her aim to catch up with them and creates images satisfying, expressing her own psychological needs.