• Peter Doubt

Peter Doubt

Peter Doubt will be locating his studio within Breeze Creatives’ Abject 2 Gallery. The studio will be active as a place in which Doubt’s art pieces and ideas can be worked up, realised, tested, and potentially discarded. It will be used not only to locate his studio for public view, but also to start making works that already exist within a long list of ideas. Doubt will also use the residency to work on himself. He will use this time as a period of self-exploration. The studio will see the manufacturing of Doubt’s works over the course of the residency . These works will then exist within the public facing studio environment.

About the artist
Peter Doubt is a creative practitioner. A “prolific ideas generator”; not restricted to any particular medium or methodology. Following many criss-crossing pathways of inquiry, often doubling back on himself. Doubt’s multifaceted nature is at the core of his endeavours.