Jasper Weinstein Sheffield: Week 2+3

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Well I have been all over the place for these two weeks. In Newcastle I have been working between my residency studio and my current studio at Newbridge. The balancing act between these two spaces has been an interesting one. I have been aiming to use the Experimental studio as a space for display, reaction, and for contemplation of work, while using my other space as a place of production, similar to that of a workshop.

I have been working with replicating the floor panels that I became so fascinated with. Currently creating a latex mould of one of the more intricately worn panels and also creating rough plaster casts of the space in between. I have been working with dyed sawdust recently and have been mixing this into the plaster, creating a more light weight and more organic sculptural material.

As well as having the residency I have been preparing for a show in Glasgow. I am exhibiting in the Briggait alongside almost 30 other artists across three other venues in the southside of the city. I visited the site over a month ago and worked out just how to comprehend a space of this magnitude. The exhibition is set up by the YAKA collective, mainly formed of this years graduates from the Glasgow School of Art, and it has been great to work with a bunch of enthusiastic artists, let alone a group that had their degree show burnt down just a few months ago.

On Sunday I went up to Glasgow to install the show. Given the opportunity to exhibit in such a large and naturally lit space, I have rebuilt and recontextualised what was essentially my degree show piece. This large, living installation of raised grass will grow throughout the exhibition, reliant on the light of the glass ceiling and the water that leaks down upon it. Architecturally the space is fantastic and I felt I wanted to interrupt the flowing lines of the space with quite a harsh, crude timber frame. The flowing serpentine lines of the compost should grow into a green carpet of germinated shoots as the exhibition progresses.

After the intense set-up, a BIG trip to Wickes and two twelve hour days, I then flew down to Somerset for an interview for a Gallery Internship at Hauser and Wirth Somerset. I'm currently sat in Bristol airport about to fly back for the preview at the Briggait tonight

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