Simon Farid: Week 1 - Introductions

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Introduction 1. The Work

Yesterday I was reading through MI5's jobs page, particularly the listing for Mobile Surveillance Officers. 

The required skills nicely summed up a lot of the themes I am looking to investigate over the course of this residency; I am planning to undertake a new body of work while I'm here at Vane, which will collectively be called 'Surveillance Can Only See My Body'.

This work will be composed of a series of experiments exploring 'hidden intension' as a tool for production.

Hidden intention: I am walking in a shopping centre, but I'm pretending to be a plain clothes police officer. You can't see any difference. Is this a subversive act? Is this productive?

Which I guess is something both the surveilled and the Mobile Surveillance Officers are trying to do. 

These experiments will be loosely based around walking. My intention at this stage is to undertake one walk a week. Some of these walks will be solitary, some collaborative, undertaken with another artist or creative thinker, and some participatory, resembling a workshop environment.

Much of the documentation of each experiment will be uploaded and reported on here, as well as contributing to an installation to be realised at a later date. 

To start, tomorrow I will be going on a collaborative walk with Mani Kambo.

Introduction 2. The Site

Having a studio space is an uncommon experience for me. The only times I have and use them is when I am on a residency. For the most part then, my practice takes place in my head, in my laptop and in exhibition and performance spaces. 

The proposal I submitted to Vane and Breeze Creatives was all about spaces too, but outside the studio, the notional public space of the city. So I plan that this studio space is going to act more as a base from which to launch incursions from, rather than a space where the meat of production will take place. We will see. 

As is usual for such spaces, there are no windows here. 

It struck me that this may be unsuited to examining Newcastle from then. To rectify this, I built a window today: 

It'll be a more useful window than most, but unlike manual ones, it isn't in realtime. 

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